Thursday, November 21, 2013

Inspiration: As creatives we must strive towards...

[Mobile Post] After a busy few days in New York at the 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Awards I finally had time to rest. Thanks to Ingrid Chou the Associate Creative Director 
Department of Advertising 
and Graphic Design at MoMA, I was able to visit for the first time by myself.

Seeing Monet's Water Lilies was stunning:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stephen Wilkes Interview by BH Photo

This is a GREAT interview by someone who has impacted me as a photographer.  B&H Photo did this interview with Stephen Wilkes.  Hone in when he talks about color.

 Click here for the blog post: HERE (This will take you to B&H Photo)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Photo Contests

Sharing your work to the world! One thing I've learned though SVA is that showing your work is important. Yes, many people have websites these days and blogs, however entering into a photo contest could be that next step for you if you are new to this world.

Photoshelter puts out really GOOD materials and many of them are FREE. So instead of writing about a photo contest, I'll point you towards a really good article that I received this morning.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Amazing Work! KT Allen

Who said you need an amazing camera to create amazing work?  Check this person out that I just found who shoots with a Canon 550D.  Folks that is Rebel!  KT Allen's work and her creativity is amazing!

Reminds me of my talented classmate Alice Kivlon.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Finalist 2013

I didn't realize that I had my own page here from Adobe for the Adobe Design Achievement Awards as one of three finalists. Here's the Link

November 19 Adobe is flying me to New York for the Ceremony where they will announce the winner. I'll also have a display of my thesis work and the book I'm hoping to have published on this project called "Two Beautiful Daughters: Anger and Courage." 

So stay tuned to see what happens.

Paper Choice: 25% off on 5 packs of Signature Worthy Paper

One thing that separates an average photographer from a professional is knowing how to print and knowing your different kinds of paper and how to use them for different projects.   

Going back to my 10/30 post in branding yourself and attending Portfolio Reviews a common question you can get is your paper choice.  Knowing your papers really helps knowing if you know your stuff.

So today I received this email that Epson has a 25% off rebate:

I know buying 5 packs of paper is not cheap, especially these kinds. However my point is this, try buying a sample pack and to get to know the different papers for when you have different projects.

During this past summer, my classmates looked terrible (from her mouth) until she found the right paper and it was stunning.  The paper really made the image come to life.

You can also download my personal test sheet to see the different colors and how they show up on the